ZHANG Haiping  

Dr. Zhang graduated from Tongji University in 1988 and obtained his Ph.D. in Environmental Systems Engineering from Ritsumeikan University, Japan in 1998. He worked in Danish Hydraulics Institute as senior engineer in the period of 1998-2002, mainly engaged in the development and application of mathematical models in environmental hydraulics. He has participated in dozens of projects funded by World Bank and Asian Development Bank in relation to regional water resource planning and pollution control. Since 2003 he has been working in Tongji University and his research interests cover a range of topics related to the theory and technology of regional water pollution control, hydrodynamic and water quality modelling, and urban and rural nonpoint pollution assessment. He has been involved in or responsible for more than 10 national or Shanghai government research programs. He has published over 40 academic papers in domestic and international journals and conferences and taken part in compiling three textbooks. He is the recipient of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award (Second Class) in 2007.