LI Zhengrong   

Professional title: Professor & Doctor



Main research field:

1.      Energy efficiency technology for high performance buildings

2.      Heat & mass transfer in building and HVAC systems


Social titles:  

1.      A. Dean, Department of Thermal Energy Engineering, Tongji University, China

2.      A. Dean, Institute of the International Exchange, Society of Shanghai Refrigeration ,China

3.      Editor, Shanghai Energy Conservation

4.      Member of ASHRAE, Leader of CAR-ASHRAE-SHANGHAI Group


Main experience:

1987-1997,     Tongji University, Shanghai, China. PHD degree

1997-          Tongji University

2000.1-2000.11  HK Poly.U. Visiting scholar.


Main projects in past five years


Research on residential building’s energy conservation technologies for Yangtze Delta Region

Research on the energy performance assessment method for Shanghai’s commercial building  

Design code for high energy efficiency for Shanghai’s commercial buildings

Code: Building shading product-energy resistant coefficient-test method

Code: Building enclosure design guide for Shanghai’s residential buildings

Code: Test and assessment guide for Shanghai’s building energy performance