WU Bing  


Jun 2008 – Now: Lecturer, Assistant Dean, Department of Environmental Engineering, College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji University.

Jul 2001 – Jun 2007: Ph. D (Chemical Eng), Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS).

Jun 1996 – Nov 2000: Technical Officer, Drainage Department, Ministry of the Environment, Singapore.

Jul 1995 – May 1996: Assistant Lecturer, Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty, Harbin Architecture University (now combined into Harbin Institute of Technology).

Sep 1992 – Jul 1995: Master of Engineering (Environmental Eng), Chemical Engineering Department, Dalian University of Technology

Sep 1988 – Jul 1992: Bachelor of  Engineering (Env Eng, Honours degree) Chemical Engineering Department, Dalian University of Technology

Research Area:

1. Membrane science and technology and its application in water and wastewater treatment: polymeric membrane fabrication and membrane module preparation, modification of membrane properties, membrane separation processes

2. Carbon Dioxide Utilization and Conversion by hydrothermal technology


Representative Publications:


Jin F., J. Cao, B. Wu, and Heiji Enomoto, Rapid Conversion of Biomass and Carbon Dioxide into Fuel and Chemicals by Hydrothermal Reactions, AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 1251, pp.1-4. 2010

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Wu, B., X. Tan, W.K. Teo and K. Li. Removal of benzene/toluene from water by vacuum membrane distillation in a PVDF hollow fiber membrane module, Separation Science and Technology, 40(13), pp.2679-2695. 2005.

Wu, B. and W.K. Teo. Preparation and application of PVDF hollow fiber membranes for TCA removal from aqueous solutions by vacuum membrane distillation, Proceedings of the 5th International Membrane Science and Technology Conference (IMSTEC’03), Sydney, November 10-14 2003, 6pp.

Wu, B. and B.H. Han. Properties and applications of solid chlorine dioxide (ClO2) products, Environmental Protection (ISSU 0253-9705), 209 (1995), 34-36. (Bei Jing, China)