LI Yongmei  

Research Interests

Treatment and Utlization of Wastewater

Curriculums and Courses

Framework of Environmental Engineering, Wastewater Treatment: Theory and Technology

Honors and Awards

Outstanding Youth Teacher Backup Candidate of Shanghai in 2003

Detailed Research Projects in Recent Years

 Li Y M, Gu G W, Zhao J F,Yu H Q,Anoxic degradation of nitrogenous heterocyclic compounds by acclimated activated sludge, Process Biochemistry, 2001,37(1):81-86
 Li Y M, Gu G W, Zhao J F,Yu H Q, Qiu Y L,Peng Y Z. Treatment of coke-plant wastewater by biofilm systems for removal of organic compounds, Chemosphere, 2003,52(6):997-1005.
 Li Y M, Li W S,Gu G W. Promotive effect of pyridine on indole degradation by activated sludge under anoxic conditions. Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering in China. 2007, 1(4): 493-497 
Montgomery-Brown J,Li Y M,Ding W H, Mong G M., Campbell J A, Reinhard M. NP1EC Degradation pathways under oxic and microxic conditions,Environmental Science and Technology,Environ. Sci. Technol. 2008, 42, 6409-6414。
 Huang M H,Li Y M*,Gu G W. The effects of hydraulic retention time and sludge retention time on the fate of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate in a laboratory-scale anaerobic?anoxic?aerobic activated sludge system. Bioresource Technology, 2008, 99, 8107-8111
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