TAO Tao   

Professional and Technical Post:Associate Professor

Supervisor (PhD or Master): Supervisor of PhD


E-mail: Taotao@tongji.edu.cn

Department:Department of Municipal Engineering 

Research field:

 Urban water resources, Design and operation of water distribution systems


Academic and administration position:

 The member of Water Resources Committee of Chinese Natural Institute

 The member of Sino-French post-doctoral Foundation-- FFCSA


Education Background

 1995.9 - 1998.6    Wuhan Hydropower University,Master

 1998.9 - 2001.5    Wuhan University,Ph.D


Working Experience:

 2001.6 - 2003.4  Tongji University, Postdoctoral research

 2006.9 - 2007.10    Insa-Lyon,France, Postdoctoral research

 2003.5 至今  Tongji University,Lecture, Associate Prof.



《Hydrology》,《Water Economics》


Scientific Research Projects:

 National Natural Science Foundation: Urbanization and sustainable water resources management model of information integration

 Ministry of Water Resources public project: Water resources  sustainable utilization evaluation index system for Taihu Lake


Representative publications:

 1.TAO Tao, B.Chocat, Uncertainty analysis of interpolation methods in rainfall spatial distribution-a case of small catchment in Lyon,Journal of Water Resource and Protection, v 1, n 2, p 136-144, 2009.8

 2.TAO Tao, XIN Kunlun, A Pipe Network Skeleton Method based on GIS Network Analysis Technologies, Proc. International Conference on Pipelines and Trenchless Technology 2009: Advances and Experiences with Pipelines and Trenchless Technology for Water, Sewer, Gas, and Oil Applications, v 361, p 521-528, 2009.10


Awards and patents:

 Software Copyrights: Water quality monitoring analysis and assessment of water distribution system, 2010SR051233,2010.10