TANG Yulin  

Professional and Technical Post:Assistant professor


Supervisor (PhD or Master):Supervisor Master

E-mail: tangtongji@126.com

Department: Department of Municipal Engineering

Research field

 Water and wastewater treatment; Water treatment materials

Education Background

 1997.9-2004.6 Lanzhou Jiaotong University B.S./ M.S.

 2006.9-2009.10 Tongji University Ph.D

 2007.8-2009.8 Missouri University of Science and Technology USA Joint Ph.D


Working Experience:

 2001.7-2006.9 Lanzhou Jiaotong University Lecture

 2010.2- Tongji University Assistant Professor


Representative publications:

 1. Yulin Tang, X.Guan, J. Wang, N.Gao, C. C. Chusuei, M. R. McPhai. Removal fluoride from water using granular ferric hydroxide (GFH), Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2009,171(1-3):774-779

 2. Yulin Tang, X. Guan, T. Su, N. Gao, J. Wang. Quantifying fluoride adsorption onto activated alumina: effects of contact time, pH, surface loading, and other competing ions, Colloids and Surface A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects. 2009, 337(1-3):33-38

 3. Yulin Tang, J. Wang, N. Gao, Characteristics and model studies for fluoride and arsenic adsorption on goethite, Journal of Environmental Science,2010,22(6):1-6