WU Jiang   

Jang WUVice-president of Tongji University and Dean of IESD, he is a professor, he was graduated from the architecture major of Tongji University in 1983; In 1986, he got his master degree in Tongji University and at the same year, he became a teacher of Tongji University; in the year 1987 he studied his doctor degree in Tongji University and he got his doctor degree in 1993.


He has engaged in teaching Western Architectural History and Theory and doing researches on history and its protection of Shanghai’s modern cities and architecture, he wrote many monographs such as "Shanghai Century architectural history," "Shanghai alleys", "Protection of Historical and Cultural Scene Area Planning and Management" , he published over 50 professional  articles and completed 10 architectural design projects. The achievements of teaching and research which he presided have won the third prize of Excellence Teaching of Shanghai Universities (2000), the second prize of Outstanding Teaching Achievements of Shanghai Universities (2001)the second prize of National Excellent Planning and Design (2007), the third-class Counseling Award of Shanghai (2007), the second Counseling Prize of Shanghai (2008), the Second Prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress (2008). He has gone many well-known colleges and universities from many countries such as United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, and India to do researches and give lectures.


He served as Vice-President of Architecture and Urban Planning College of Tongji University,

President Assistant of Tongji University and Director of Personnel Department. During February 2003 to October 2008, he appointed deputy director of Shanghai Urban Planning Administration, and from November 2008 to February 2009, he appointed the deputy director of Shanghai Planning and Land Resources Administration. Since 2005, he has become director of the Geographic Names Management Office and director of China Architectural Department.

In December 2008, he was appointed vice president of Tongji University and dean of IESD.

In April of 2015, Prof. WU Jiang was elected as the Academician of the French Academy of Architecture