Robert Steele  

As Director of Education for the Magic Eyes Chao Phraya Barge Program, it was recognized by UNEP as one of six ‘best practice EE programs’ in the Asia-Pacific region in 2001.  In addition, the water ecology and water quality education program was honored by Canada Fund as one of the top 25 funded projects out of over 700 that they supported in Thailand during their time in Thailand. The program’s innovative education programming continues today under the PREM School for International Education in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

In 2005, Robert founded Systainability Asia and has been working both in as a trainer and consultant on ESD and sustainable development with several regional governments (Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia), UNEP, UNESCO and ASEAN Secretariat. Robert has developed into one the South East Asia region’s top sustainability consultants, and now works with regional governments, NGOs and private sector companies on building sustainable development assessment frameworks and developing their sustainability plans.