Humane group
What we think:
Cats and dogs accompany us when we feel lonely, we should protect them when they suffer from hunger and cold.
What we do:
Feed and take care of the stray animals in school campus
Make their house、appeal to students to pay attention to them, bring them to the hospital when they are sick.

Recycling group
What we think:
Limited resources have unlimited potential usage
What we do:
Recycling idle clothes in campus
Recycling office paper
Secondary market
Publicize rubbish classification

Environmental education group
What we think:
Every kid is a green seed. Changing their mind can change the world.
What we do:
Give a environmental-protection class for primary students every week; design the textbook by ourselves.

Nature group
What we think:
Nature is our home and livings are our friends. Love nature, love protecting environment.
What we do:
Nature interpreter
Summer research camp
First we feel the nature (including animals, plants and others) as our nearby friend. Then we share what we experience with the public to introduce the nature to them. Finally the nature won’t be so far away from us, we know them, we like them, we protect them like Dr. Jane Goodall said. In the process, we usually use some appliances and methods. The greenmap is one of them.