1.       Introduction:

In 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio 20+), UN published The Future We Want, which regarded sustainable development as a common aspiration for humanity and gave a major push to the responsibility and confidence for sustainable development of countries all over the globe. In 2013, the 10th Congress of CPC of Tongji University also set it as an aspiration and strategy for Tongji University’s mid-and-long term development to “build a world-class university guided by sustainable development”.

In order to further promote the idea and practice of sustainable development among postgraduate students, UNEP-Tongji University Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development (IESD), under the support of Graduate School of Tongji University, carries forward with minors on sustainable development. We now officially start admitting students for the 4th session.

There are 10 minors on different aspects of sustainable development for each academic year. As a pilot year, all tuition fees will be exempted.


2.       Admission object:

All postgraduate students of Tongji University.


3.       Details:

(1)    All students can freely choose 1 minor from the 10 different minors available this year. The lecture will begin in the 2nd week of the autumn semester. Within the first 2 weeks, students may change the minor they have chosen;

(2)    In order not to overlap with the weekday schedule of majors, lectures of the minors will be given on weekends: Saturday for students in Jiading Campus and Sunday for students in Siping Campus. Each course takes 34 periods or 4 weeks, and all courses will be completed within 1 year;

(3)    All students taking minors on sustainable development must finish 4 required core courses and 4 required specialized courses for the chosen minor, a final thesis and oral defense before they acquire Course Completion Certificate for Minor on Sustainable Development of Tongji University;

(4)    Students who cannot finish all the required tasks in academic year 2015-2016 due to objective reasons may finish them within the following year.


4. Course Arrangement in Siping Campus:


Course Name

Lecturers from

Required Core Course

Sustainable Development and the Future

Multiple colleges

Management of Eco-system

College of Environmental Science and Engineering

Resources and Energy

School of Ocean and Earth Science

Green Economy

School of Economics and Management

1. Environment Management and Sustainable Development

Pollution Control Technology

College of Environmental Science and Engineering

Environment Planning and Evaluation

Environment Policy and Management

Environmental Informatics and its Application

2. Green Building and Sustainable Development

Application of Renewable Energy and New Energy on Buildings

College of Architecture and Urban Planning

Green Building and New Energy Research Center

Application of Low-carbon Energy and Development of Sustainable Urban Buildings

Study of Human Inhabitation Environment

Frontier Development of Architecture

3. Environment Law and Sustainable Development

Environment Law and Sustainable Development

Law School/Intellectual Property Institute

Environmental Sanitation Law and the Protection of Genetic Resources

Environment Protection and Intellectual Property

4. International Relations and Sustainable Development

China’s Diplomacy and the Sustainable Development of International Economic Ties

School of Political Science and International Relations

European Integration and Sustainable Development

Sustainable International Relations

5. Green Economy and Sustainable Development

Regional Economy and Sustainable Development

School of Economics and Management

E-commerce and Sustainable Development

Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development

Financial System and Sustainable Development

6. Design& Innovation and Sustainable Development

Sustainable Design

College of Design and Innovation


Product Service System Design

Social Innovation and Practice of Sustainable Design

7. Germany Study and Sustainable Development

Germany’s Ideas and Practices on Sustainable Development

Deutsches Akademisches Zentrum

Sustainable Development of Germanys Economy and Society

Germanys Innovation on Science and Techonology and Sustainable Development

Gernmanys Energy, Environment and Climate

8. Higher Education and Sustainable Development

University Construction Guided by Sustainable Development

Development and Plan Research Center

Education Psychology and Sustainable Development

Engineering Education and Sustainable Development

Knowledge Management and Joint Innovation of Universities

9. Green Agriculture and Sustainable Development

Principles and Technologies of Low-carbon Agriculture

Modern Agricultural Science and Engineering Institute

Agriculture Informatization and Control Engineering

Equipment Engineering for Modern Agriculture

Comprehensive Energy Planning and Implementation in Rural Area

*“ Sustainable Development and the Future” and “Green Economy” will take up the 9th-10th classes of a weekday. Students who cannot attend oen of these course may choose “Frontier on Gloabl Sustainable Development” on weekends in the spring semester.