Khammanee Naranun

Khammanee Naranun is Ph.D. candidate in UNEP-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development (IESD) programs. She born and raised in South of Thailand. She graduated Master Degree from Mahidol University, Faculty of Public Health, Department of Sanitary Engineering and Bachelor Degree of majoring in Soil Science from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Faculty of Agriculture Technology, Department of Soil Science. Studying at these two universities granted me a good experience in learning and thinking about research of environmental background such as supplement natural fertilizer in paddy rice, and bio-hydrogen from industrial wastes. Currently, she interested in monitoring of pesticides in paddy rice. Subsequently, intend to further improve her researches in the environment field; moreover, relate with her job (instructor) in majoring of Environmental Science in Thailand. My leisure time is travelling new place, tasting new food, and making new friend.

ZHOU Shaohua

I majored in Environmental Engineering during the undergraduate study in Yantai University. And I become a master of Tongji University in 2014 to get a further education in Environmental Science. I am an optimistic, kindhearted and sincere girl from Anyang, a city of Henan Province. I like singing, playing badminton and so on. And I am good at conversation. I always work hard and rigorously, and demand perfection. I like to explore new things, constantly improving myself through new challenges. I like scientific research, and hope can make some achievements in these three years study in Tongji University.

LIU Misha
Hi this is Misha from Changsha City, Hunan Province.girls in my hometown are called "spicy girl", we love spicy foods and have spicy characteristics.I am interested in the nature and the environment,looking forward to learn more about how to tackle the environmental problems in sustainable ways and widen my horizon in IESD. In my leisure time I sometimes hang out alongside the street,do some photographing,in which way I feel like touch the field and the culture of this place.
ZHOU Jinxing
Hey, I am a student from China with a background of master, majoring in environmental engineering. I came to IESD in September, 2014. I am very happy to be a member of IESD family and study with international student. Moreover, we can learn a lot from international professors. 
SUN Xiaofeng
Hi, this is Sun Xiaofeng, living in Wuxi city, Jiangsu province. I have finished my bachelor of environmental engineering in 2013, and I’d like to work hard in the field of environmental protection with the hope to work on environmental protection in the future. So I decide to continue my study in Tongji University. My character? I cannot describe it well, but I know I am optimistic and confident, sometimes I prefer to stay alone, read, learn foreign language, or listen  to music, but I am not lonely, I like to chat with my classmates, almost talk everything, my favorite pastime is playing badminton and watching movies.
DENG Tianlin
I’m introverted and feel shy around strangers. But I am easygoing and optimistic. I like drawing and doing sports in my spare time. The saying I like most is that, “Your closet will be classic if you buy one coat using the money you used to spend on ten coats, similarly you will make a difference if you do one thing using the time you used to spend on ten things.”
SUN Zhihao

This is Sun Zhihao. I am deeply honored by the precious opportunity of joining the family of IESD. Now I am a master degree candidate majoring environmental science. And my research direction is non-phosphorus corrosion inhibitor in industrial water following my tutor Prof. Zhang. It will definitely be an exciting experience for me in Tongji University. My hometown Xinyang, Henan province carries beautiful memory of my childhood. She is my starting point no matter where I’ll go. Bodybuilding is my favorite exercise and I had been a private coach in one fitness club. Many friends have realized their goal of muscle building or losing weight with me. I love embracing different cultures under the international background. And I deeply know I’m more than I can be.

Maximilian Schwarz
Maximilian studies Environmental Engineering B.Sc. at the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany. Attending Chinese language classes and working at the university’s Language Resource Center, he gained an interest in Chinese history and culture. During a semester abroad at Tongji University he studied at the UNEP-IESD and at the International School for one semester. There he specialized in wastewater treatment systems and attended further Chinese classes. His aim is to come back to China for an internship during his studies. He is a long-distance running enthusiast and enjoys traveling in his free time.
Yasmine Chraibi
Yasmine, born and raised in Casablanca: the economic capital of Morocco, graduated from Rabat school governance and economics with a bachelor of political sciences and economics in 2013. A very enthusiastic and motivated individual who she considers to be the key driving force for her academic achievement. Having attended a bilingual and international school, She has gained a beneficial skill of being fluent in French, English and Arabic, and having knowledge in Chinese and Spanish. She is an exceptional team worker and she is always punctual with deadlines for tasks and assignments. Through her bachelor of politics and economics, She acquired different concepts and theories in global governance and decision –making. Now, focusing on sustainable development, for her master degree, is enabling her to get a strong comprehension of the new organizations principles, and know-how. In deed, sustainability has become a key issue in the strategies of many institutions: International organizations, NGO, local authorities, political parties and companies. 
Kennedy Liti Mbeva
Kennedy is a Masters Candidate in Environmental Management at UNEP-Tongji IESD; he is from Kenya, and graduated from Kenyatta University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Natural Resource Conservation). His twin interests are in climate governance and intergeneration partnerships for sustainability. From April 2013-September 2013, he served in the Climate Governance Programme of Transparency International Kenya, contributing to policy formulation and institution strengthening as regards Climate Finance Governance in Kenya, as well as organizing an international climate governance workshop. Kennedy also served as an official delegate in the Government of Kenya delegation to the 18th meeting of the Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP18) in 2012 in Doha, Qatar. He is the founder of GreenBits Initiative, a platform aimed at lowering the barrier to youth engagement in environmental and climate policy. Kennedy loves travelling, cooking, making new friends and writing poetry.
Before joining IESD as a double degree student, Karim was following a curriculum in Industrial Risk Assessment in the “ENSI de Bourges” (National Engineering School of Bourges, France). For his last year of master, as he was particularly interested in the environmental component of risk assessment, he chose to join the IESD program as a double degree student, in order to meet his expectations of further kowledge in terms of environmental management and engineering. As an intern he already earned some experiences in the field of environment: one month in the Federal Office of Environmental Protection of Recklinghausen (Germany), assisting on field missions and editorial tasks and another three month in France, in the field of risk assessment in agro-industry, with participative tasks regarding the drafting of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and the update of an online best practice guide. He is currently working on a thesis on nanofiltration, studying the influence of the dielectric effects on the filtration yield. He is going to graduate in 2015 and then intends to further develop his researches in the field of membrane filtration by achieving a PhD.
Li Linghui
Linghui grows up in Inner Mongolia and receives a Bachelor Degree of environmental engineering in Huazhong Agriculture University. Linhui loves Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, so she chose to continue her study in Tongji University. Now she is a master candidate majoring in environmental engineering in IESD. Linhui participated in varies research activities including wetland management of constructed wetland. From the research, Linhui learned the technologies related to wetland constructed. Linhui is currently participating in a Students Innovation Project in Water Usage Monitoring in Shanghai Communities. In her free time, she likes to watch movies and experience different cultures and lifestyles.

Zhang Xixi
Zhang Xixi graduated from Zhengzhou University with a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Engineering and a minor degree in Business administration. Currently, Xixi is a graduate student in Tongji University majoring in Environmental Science. Xixi has an optimistic and enthusiasm character and always ready to devote her time in doing volunteer work. She thought true volunteerism is a life-long event, rather than participating in different kinds of activities in a short term. In her free time, she enjoys participating in various activities with friends.

Lin Yu
At Shanghai University, Lin Yu majored in environmental engineering. He continued his master degree in Tongji University, majoring in environmental science. As a student in IESD, he likes challenges and participating in varies events.  Lin Yu is taking his volunteer work with IESD in organizing international events and forums. He is interested in carrying out an internship with international organizations in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development. In his spare time, Lin Yu is a good singer and basketball player.
Zhu Yingjing
Zhu Yingjing is majored in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development. She is an optimistic and sunny girl from Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province. Not only is she skilled in banminton, but also she has achieved the 10th level of Guzheng, a Chinese traditional instrument. In addition, in order to broden the views and make life more intersting and colourful, she has been working as a part-time tourist guide to make her won life and enjoy the natural beauty. Also, as the monitor, she actively takes part in the environmental activities. Being representative of students of Tongji University, she engaged in the Bayer-Tongji-UNEP 2013 Sustainable Development Forum.
Zhao Huangpu
Zhao Huangpu grows up in Jiaozuo City and received a Bachelor degree from Guangxi university. He is currently taking his Masters studies in Tongji University majoring in Masters' of Environmental Management and Sustainable Development. Huangpu has obtained College English Test Level 4 and Level 6 certificates, and is good at using CAD and other office softwares. In the fourth year of collage, Huangpu took as an internship in the environmental monitor station in Guangxi Autonomous Region. In Tongji University, Huangpu is participating in the national College Students' Innovative Program on the topic of Environmental Impact Assessment of Water Usage in Shanghai Communities and Colleges. In his free time, Huangpu likes playing ping pang and basketball, running and reading.
Li Yiting
Li Yiting was majored in environmental engineering during the undergraduate study in Xi’an University of architecture and technology. During the undergraduate period she often discuss issues about environment with her mentors. She did as an internship in Long Yang Company in Xi’an involved in drawing CAD figure, and laid a good foundation of drawing. Due to her enthusiasm towards environmental design and evaluation, she was admitted into Tongji University in 2013 to get a further education in environmental science, with the hope to career in environmental protection in the future. In her spare time, she likes spending her time on many kinds of sports like badminton, tennis, swimming, running etc., and she also likes English and Japanese very much.
Alejandro Caceres
All over his life Alejandro lived in more than a dozen cities because his dad’s work in the Ecuadorian Army, from this he learned to adapt and engage new cultures in a quick and efficient way not only for schoolwork but also to make new friends. Interested in starting his own small business while a teenager he decided to follow a Business major in the Army’s Polytechnic School in Quito, Ecuador. His interest in finding new management tools made him choose the UNEP-Tongji IESD for a Master in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development. Here we would be awarded with a scholarship to follow a Ph.D. in the area of sustainable development. He developed his experience in south-south cooperation, multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary projects, community management and sustainable practices. Alejandro aim to be part of an international organization that can develop and improve models for Sustainable development. In his free time, Alejandro plays American football with 2 teams in Shanghai, writes about tips and guidelines for new students in Tongji University, helps develop environmental projects and have fun editing and filming short videos. 
Scott Roker
Addresses as “Scottie” by most people, he was raised in the United States, Canada and The Bahamas. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree at St. Thomas University (Canada), where he double majored in Sociology and Socioeconomic Development, with a minor in Environmental Studies. He was employed as a counselor and instructor for students suffering from developmental dyslexia and psychological disorders at St. Thomas University for two years.  He also worked as a counselor and youth officer for persons who are victims of sexual, physical and emotional abuse at the Department of Social Services in The United States for two years. He is currently a Master’s Degree candidate at Tongji University, in the IESD program (Environmental Management and Sustainable Development).    

Nick Benitos Goll
Nick Benitos Goll, II comes from Liberia, West Africa. He holds a Bachelor degree in General Forestry from the University of Liberia. Infact, he is currently a 2nd year student at UNEP-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development (IESD) pursuing a Master’s degree in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development.  Nick also works for the Forestry Development Authority (FDA), Government of Liberia. His work is to ensure that concessionaires environmentally comply with Liberia’s forest policies, regulations and laws. Additionally, he is an environmental educator and enthusiast. He also plays football and basketball during spare time.
Christoph Gieseke
Christoph, born and raised in the South of Germany, graduated in 2011 from the University of Applied Sciences of Munich with a Bachelor of Engineering. During his studies with a focus on Bio- and Environmental Technology, he spent 6 months in the United States. He worked as a project engineer at a German company, which sells air purification systems to the production industry across the world. In 2012 he started with his Master’s Degree as a Master of Science in Environmental Management and Engineering. His studies focus on Environmental Economics, Renewable Resources and Climate Change. Currently, he does his thesis on an eco-efficient analysis, combining the key figures of the value-added with a Life-Cycle-Assessment. In his free time he likes to travel and went to countries in Africa like Namibia and Zimbabwe or to the Philippines to work as a volunteer. He is going to graduate in 2014 and is looking for a job. He intends to work in the field of his specializations of his studies connected to development aid.
Bidur Raj Gautam
Bidur, born and raised in Nepal, graduated from the National Institute of Technology, India with a Bachelor of Engineering in 2005. He got his master from Mississippi State University in 2008. Currently he is a PhD student in Environmental Management and Engineering and expects to graduate in 2014. His studies focus on Renewable energy resources management and Climate Change.
Bidur worked as a Lecturer in Kathmandu University for one year. He also cofounded an engineering consulting company in Nepal. The company is working to develop renewable energy projects, especially small hydro projects. He intends to work in the field of his specializations of his studies and continue to work on development of environment and energy related business ventures.

Naoufel spent last 3 years as PHD scholar in Environment Management in IESD. His interested research fields are heavy metals and ions in the drinking water, water supply network, drinking water and waste water management, environmental legislation decision making and law and implementation of environmental policies, management, monitoring and environmental assessment impact. Naoufel has obtained a law degree (lawyer) to an MBA (manager) before he entered IESD to pursue his Ph.D degree. He has been also working in public and private sectors before he did his MBA. Naoufel is interested in working on public-private related projects in the future with companies/ organizations/ governmental institutions after his graduation.