LV Tiantian
Tiantian graduated from Sichuan University. She joint UNEP-IESD in 2010. She was an excellent graduate of Tongji University and had received many awards. She believes that, where there is a will, there is a way.
Yuning Chen
Yuning came to Tongji University for master degree in 2009. She majored in environmental science, her main courses were Introduction of Environmental Science, Environmental Sociology, Environmental Ethics, Ecological Economy, Framework and Tools of Sustainable Development, Environmental Project Management, Atmospheric Science and Climate Change, Ecology and etc. She participated in the Exchange Program and spent three month in Venice International University, Italy.
Chaozhi Pan
Chaozhi had his Bachelor degree of Environmental Engineering in Sichuan University. He had his master degree in Tongji university, majoring in Environmental Science. He was also an exchange student and spent three month in Venice International University, Venice, Italy in 2009. Now he is a Ph.D student in Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
Ziwei Dong
Ziwei had his bachelor degree of Water and Wastewater in Harbin institute of technology. He then came to Tongji university and majored in Environmental Science. After graduation he work in Paques (Shanghai) environmental technology company for two years. Now he is a member of Shanghai Baosteel Gases company. He loves Tongji university and wishes IESD all the best.
Meng Xu
Meng Xu had his bachelor degree of Environmental Engineering in College of Municipal and Environmental Engineering. Shandong Jianzhu University. After that, he continued his study in Tongji University. In Tongji University, he assisted many researches, such as UNEP Report “Green Accounting Practice in China”, “Study on Coagulants Optimization of Reservoir Raw Water” and “Iron dichloride production technology innovation”. In the project of “Ecological Investigation and Assessment of Key Lake and Reservoir of China”, he was a research leader and responsible for water quality investigation, monitoring, ecological evaluation, river rehabilitation etc. He had his master degree of Engineering in Environmental Science in 2009. Now he is a PhD student of engineering in environmental engineering, University of Missouri.