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Student Observers Interviewed African Environment Ministers on the third day of UNEA
The China-African ministerial dialogue was one of the big side events on the third day of UNEA. The event was attended by the Chinese minister of environment Mr. Zhou Shengxian and more than 50 African environmental mini...[ more ]
Minor Degree Of Sustainable Development
f1x8ewznkxqk5rf In 2012, supported by Tongji University, IESD launched a minor degree in sustainable development. This is a practice in response to the demand of Tongji University to cultivate talents in the field of sustainable development and the pursuit to build a sustainability-oriented university. This degree adopts an interdisciplinary approach in course design...[ more ]
Interdisciplinary Academic Seminar
Environmental System and Sustainable Development  
Lecturer: Prof. Lex Brown
Time: 9am-5pm, Feb 20, 2014
Venue:Rm. 902, Zonghe Building
Splendid Moment