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On UN Charter Day, Ban calls for 'deeper cooperation' amid growing global challenges
The UN Charter being signed by a delegation at a ceremony held at the Veterans’ War Memorial Building on 26 June 1945. UN Photo/Yould 26 June 2015 – On June 26th, 1945, the United Nations was born from the ashes and r...[ more ]
Minor Degree Of Sustainable Development
f1x8ewznkxqk5rf In 2012, supported by Tongji University, IESD launched a minor degree in sustainable development. This is a practice in response to the demand of Tongji University to cultivate talents in the field of sustainable development and the pursuit to build a sustainability-oriented university. This degree adopts an interdisciplinary approach in course design...[ more ]
Interdisciplinary Academic Seminar
Environmental System and Sustainable Development  
Lecturer: Prof. Lex Brown
Time: 9am-5pm, Feb 20, 2014
Venue:Rm. 902, Zonghe Building