Prof. Ying Wang as the Research Fellow attend the Sixth Global Environment Outlook’s First Global Authors Meetings
  Time:2017-02-22  Hits:6316

Prof. Ying Wang as the research fellow attend the GEO-6 first global authors meetings hold by UN Environment at European Space Research Institute (ESRIN) facilities from February 20 to February 24, 2017. Dr. Ying Wang was selected as research scientist for UN Environment and nominated as the Leading Author for GEO-6 in 2015, participating in the wiring and managing of GEO-6 regional report for Asia and the Pacific. In 2017, she is selected as research fellow for GEO-6 global report and will go through with the global report writing.


The meeting will cover a full 5 days, with opening ceremonies and author orientation on Day 1, interaction between the authors and the Global Environment Outlook advisory bodies on Day 2, and Days 3-5 will focus on drafting of chapters in order to finalize the zero order draft of the first two chapters of the assessment by the end of the meeting.

The sixth edition of the Global Environment Outlook will feature a unique component where authors will address 10 cross-cutting issues1 across 5 environmental themes (Air, Fresh water, Oceans/Marine, Land and Biota) in order to ensure coherent analysis of these issues across the environmental themes and create a direct link with the Sustainable Development Goals. To provide guidance and leadership, the assessment co-chairs and vice-chairs will circulate amongst the drafting groups to observe and provide thoughts on the overarching themes and focus areas of the assessment. Co-chairs and vice-chairs will be active participants in the discussions of the drafting teams, while the UN Environment Secretariat will provide administrative and technical support. Substantive support to the authors will be provided by UN Environment content experts.