Exhibition on “Connecting People to Nature - Sustainable Development Best Practices” Opened in Tongji University
  Time:2017-06-05  Hits:2508

On June 5th, 2017, the “Connecting People to Nature - Sustainable Development Best Youth Practices” exhibition commenced at 11 a.m. in the hall of the Zonghe Building, Siping Road campus, Tongji University. Prof. Wu Jiang, Executive Vice President of Tongji University and Ms. Clarice Wilson, Acting Chief, Policy Coordination Office, UN Environment, made welcome remarks.

Prof. Wu Jiang welcomed all the guests for their attendance. He said, this exhibition demonstrates the way how he express the connection between human and nature with his painting brushes. Wu stresses that the relationship between man and nature is deeply connected to the humans fate, and therefore sustainable development becomes the basic way to achieve common development between human and nature under current situation. For multiple years Tongji University has been taking sustainable development as its own development strategy, pioneering and improving sustainable university model covering education, scientific research, campus building and social service and striving to be sustainable development-oriented top university worldwide. Whats more, Tongji University will continue to work with all sectors to promote sustainable development and actively imply the new concept of green development.


Ms. Clarice Wilson said, the key link to promote Environment and Sustainable Development is youth. We are delighted to see more and more young students and professors concerning the environment and sustainable development issues, who have also made fruitful actions. A key factor to promote environmental protection and sustainable development is awareness raising, communications and sharing of best practices, and this exhibition provides a platform for the youth to showcase researches. She also expressed her willingness to witness more and more outstanding talents in sustainable development sector being cultivated by Tongji University like before.

Other honored guests who attended the exhibition are Ms. Qian Hong, Vice President of Agricultural Bank of China, Shanghai Branch; Mr. Nick Nuttall, Head of Communications and Spokesperson at the UN Framework Convention on Climate (UNFCCC); Prof. Liu Jianxiong, Chairman of College of Environmental Science and Engineering Council; Mr. Chen Qiutian, Chinese figure painting artist; Prof. Wang Zhijia, guest professor of Tongji University; Mr. Zhou Ying, Program and Communications Officer of World Future Council; Prof. Li Fengting, Deputy Dean of IESD, Vice Dean of College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji University, Dr. Wang Xin, Vice Dean of IESD.

During the exhibition, Mr. Chen Qiutian, famous Chinese figure painting artist also hosted his personal painting exhibition, “Man and Nature”. Donation ceremony of Mr. Chen Qiutians art works was held. Mr. Chen's painting is donated to UN Environment, Tongji University and the organization committee of ISCES. After the ceremony all the honored guests and participants visited the exhibition as guided by Tongji University volunteers.


Being an important part of the 2017 International Conference on environmental and sustainable development, the exhibition provides an opportunity for sharing and communication for not only the youth coming from more than 30 countries and organizations around the globe, but also the institutions, NGOs and companies committed to sustainable development. At the same time, the exhibition will inspire the young generation to participate in sustainable development projects. It is worth mentioning that global campus recruitment of sustainability-related enterprises and organizations is available during the exhibition.