2017 Opening Ceremony of Degree Programme on Environmental Management and Sustainable Development
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In this new semester, 43 students from all over the world get together in Tongji campus to study in the Degree Programme on Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, including 9 Chinese students and 34 foreign students from 23 countries. It is also the 3rd time for UN Environment-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development and the College of Environmental Science and Engineering to undertake the master degree program supported by the Ministry of Commerce of China. 23 students are selected from over 200 applications with the academic background of environmental science, agricultural science, civil engineering, environmental engineering, and law and so on. Some of them come from state ministries (Ministry of the Environment, Forestry and Agriculture) and some of them are the project officials of international organizations (African Union).


On September 26th, 2017, the opening ceremony was officially opened. Prof. Wu Jiang, Executive Vice President of Tongji University, and Ms. Liu Beimin, Vice Director of Department of Foreign Economic Cooperation, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce attended and gave welcoming speeches. Besides, Mentor Representative, Prof. Wang Hongtao, 2017 student representative Bennani Fatima-ezzahra (from Morocco) delivered speeches, respectively, which gave expression to the expectations the teachers and students place on a brighter future of environment and put forward their own vision and expectations towards learning and living life of this new semester. Prof. LIU Jianxiong, Chairman of College Council, College of Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE), Prof. DENG Huiping, Vice Dean of CESE, Prof. LI Fengting, Executive Deputy Dean of UN Environment-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development (IESD), Vice Dean of CESE, Dr. WANG Xin, Vice Dean of IESD attended the opening ceremony.


From the beginning of September, Degree Programme on Environmental Science and Sustainable Development has held a series of collective activities, including class meetings, Tongji campus tour, welcome party and other activities, encouraging students to embrace new class and have a better communication. Through these activities, both Chinese and foreign students began to understand the history of Tongji and the establishment of the Institute. Motivated by history, they learn to make their own study plan and gradually integrate into the research group life. On one hand, Chinese students have chance to enhance international competitiveness as well as improving their research and communication skills. On the other hand, the international learning environment provides a diverse environment for foreign students can not only achieve academic success in China, but also have the chance to learn and understand China's history, culture and life.