Technological and Cultural studies in Suzhou for Environmental Management and Sustainable Development Master's Degree Students of Tongji University
  Time:2017-11-10  Hits:9011

In order to deepen international students' understanding of environmental professionalism and their understanding of Chinese culture, more than 40 teachers and students of the 2016 and 2017 Master's Degree Programs in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development of Tongji University went to Suzhou on November 3-5, 2017 for study tours.

In this autumn season, teachers and students came to the beautiful Suzhou city. In order to strengthen the understanding of Chinese and foreign students on the basic knowledge of environmental professional, we came to kelin Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. As one of the flue gas purification control solutions provider, this is a collection of environmental engineering, including air pollution control system design, bag dedusting and desulfurization and denitrification product design, manufacturing, sales and service. Through the engineer's explanation, everyone has a better understanding of the related technologies in the area of air pollution control. The on-site visits cultivate our ability to work independently and observe the actual problems in production analysis. Then we visited the East Lake Ecological Park, Lingering Garden, Jinji Lake area, Suzhou museum and tour the Seven Mile Hill Road and Pingjiang Ancient Street, students fully understand the traditional Chinese culture.

In the short span of three days, we all enjoyed the profound Chinese traditional culture, visited and learned the knowledge of environmental governance, and made it possible for both Chinese and foreign students to get to know each other better by communicating with each other. I believe that in the future study and life, both Chinese and foreign students in the IESD family of Tongji University can make progress together.