IESD 2018 New Year Party held in Tongji University
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UN Environment-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development held its 2018 New Year Party on December 26 in Zonghe Building. Although it was cold and chill in Shanghai now,  the new year party is very successful.  The party room was filled with happy laughters and cheerful voices. In the pre-decorated classroom, all the IESD freshmen, teachers and past students enjoyed this wonderful night looking forward to the future life of new year.

Before the party, everyone prepared a little gift and took part in the gift exchange link. The party was started at 7:00pm. Professor Li, Executive Deputy Dean of IESD delivered the opening speech. Professor Li congratulated everyone on the happiness of the New Year and then expressed his pride of such a harmonious IESD family. He was happy for the contribution of all the teachers and students and finally wished everyone to make progress together with our college in the new year. The applause was so long that the atmosphere of the scene was instantly lit. Followed by the cooking competition, students from all over the world have come out with their own traditional delicacies. Then the party became food feast with delicious dishes such as Turkeys, cakes, breads, steaks and even hotpot. Then some special games, like singing, picking up beans by chopsticks and balloon games were also held.

li fengting speech