IESD Establishes Strategic Partnerships with African Development Bank and African Water Facility
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January 16, 2018, Abidjan – IESD delegation visited Mr. Dosso Moussa, Executive Director of African Development Bank (AFDB), and Mr. Jean-Michel Ossete, Acting Coordinator of Africa Water Facility (AWF).

Both sides introduced their projects in Africa and discussed the potential areas for cooperation. Mr. Jean-Michel Ossete said, “China and Africa should share experience addressing  challenges during the process of rapid urbanization, and cooperate in the field of environment including water treatment, solid waste management and capacity building ”. Prof. Li Fengting, Executive Deputy Dean of IESD indicated that “Tongji University is willing to provide technical support in African water treatment on the basis of years of cooperation and talents cultivation”.


      Both parties agreed to establish strategic partnership and start cooperation first in the following areas: capacity building for water treatment technicians, pilot projects, knowledge management and climate change. The memorandum of understanding will be signed in May 2018.


The following persons also attended the meeting:

Francis Daniel Bougaire, Chef des Politiques et Stratégies

M. Jochen Rudolph, Chef Economiste, RWSSI

M. Kolade Olatifedi, Chargé de l’Administration et des Finances

M. Jochen Rudolph, Specialist of Rural Water and Sanitation

M. Franz Hollhuber, Spécialiste en eau potable et assainissement

M. Ousseynou Guene, Spécialiste en assainissement

M. David Hebart, Spécialiste en changement climatique

Dr. Wang Yin, Associate Professor of Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development (IESD)

Jessica-Qian Jia Project Manager of Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development (IESD)