Exhibition on “Less Plastic Pollution, Better City Life- Sustainable Development Best Youth Practices” Opened in Tongji University
  Time:2018-06-05  Hits:13345

On June 5th, 2018, the “Less Plastic Pollution, Better City Life - Sustainable Development Best Youth Practices” exhibition commenced at 11 a.m. in the hall of the Zonghe Building, Siping Road campus, Tongji University. Prof. Wu Jiang, Executive Vice President of Tongji University and Ms. Ananda Dias, Coordinator of Early Warning and Assessment of the UNEP Asia-Pacific Regional Office, made welcome remarks.


Prof. Wu Jiang welcomed all the guests for their attendance. He said, new micro-pollution by compounds generated by plastic decomposition to be taking place out of sight in the ocean. We call on everyone to work together to beat micro plastic pollution, including reducing plastic waste and preventing the diffusion of micro plastic. We need to have a deep understanding about the idea of ecological progress and green development, to embody the idea that beautiful scenery is the gold and silver mines across the country. In addition, Tongji University has been taking the sustainable development as its own development strategy, aiming to cultivate young people who are enthusiastic about sustainable development in China and promoting the sustainable development together with all walks of life.


Mr. Ananda Dias said, the theme of World Environment Day is described as "Beat Plastic Pollution ", which calls on young people to deal with the challenge of plastic pollution today, to change the way of life and to reduce the heavy burden of plastic pollution on the natural environment, wildlife and our own health.


Other honored guests who attended the exhibition are Ms. Qian Hong, Vice President of Agricultural Bank of China, Shanghai Branch; Ms. Zhang li, Chairman of the Beijing Green Future Environment Foundation; Prof. Li Fengting, Deputy Dean of IESD, Vice Dean of College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji University, Dr. Wang Xin, Vice Dean of IESD.


Being an important part of the 2018 International Conference on environmental and sustainable development, the exhibition provides an opportunity for sharing and communication for not only the youth coming from more than 30 countries and organizations around the globe, but also the institutions, NGOs and companies committed to sustainable development. At the same time, the exhibition will inspire the young generation to participate in sustainable development projects.