Global Youth Tongji Declaration Called to Beat Plastic Pollution ——International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability 2018 Closed in Tongji University
  Time:2018-06-08  Hits:15367

On June 7th, centering on “Less Plastic Pollution, Better City Life”, the International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability 2018, co-hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme, Tongji University, Xinhua News Agency and Beijing Environment Foundation for Young Talents, concluded in Tongji University where around 300 youth students from 50 countries and regions jointly made the announcement of Global Youth Tongji Declaration.

The Declaration said that our stand as a global community to beat plastic pollution aligns with our core belief that the ecosystem cannot be isolated from humans. Now we should reflect our actions and lead at the fore front the charge against plastics and their toxic deleterious impacts on our environmentto keep marine organisms from danger and never to create worlds of plastics in any form or shape with a core in creating a harmonious relationship between nature and mankind.

On the closing ceremony, Mr. Ananda Dias, Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator for Early Warning and Assessment, UN Environment Regional Office for Asia and the PacificProf. Li Fengting, Executive Deputy Dean of IESD, Deputy Dean of College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji University, Ms. Qian Xin, Vice Chairperson of College University Council of Environmental Science and Engineering represented attendees to award such prizes as “Best Poster Prize” and “Best Speech Prize” in order to encourage youth students to continue to pay attention to environment and sustainability and enjoy a green lifestyle.

These awards were presented to those who stood out in such activities as group discussionsreports and poster making, elected by students from groups of energy transition and climate change, eco-city, ecosystem and wildlife, and green lifestyle.

During the six-day conference, the participants took part in series of reports, universities students sustainable development project report, exhibitions, summit and on-site visits.