Tongji University actively engaged in the Global Universities Partnership on Environment and Sustainability - the delegation led by Executive Vice President Prof. Wu Jiang visited UN Environment and UN-HABITAT
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On 25-28 September, Executive Vice President of Tongji University Prof. Wu Jiang led a delegation to visit UN Environment and UN-HABITAT. Representatives from the UN Environment Ecology Division, Africa Division, Science Division, Policy Division, Law Division, Asia Pacific Regional Office, UN Environment -Danish Technical University Partnership, UN Environment Global Resource Information System had a meeting with Tongji delegation, inclusively discussing the strategic planning and vision of Global Universities Partnership on Environment and Sustainability (GUPES). At the meeting, Professor Wu shared Tongji University's long-standing support for GUPES and the progress of GUPES over the past five years, and hoped to build GUPES into a global platform for research and technology transfer with the continued support of UN Environment’s divisions. The UN Environment expressed their appreciation and gratitude to Tongji’s support as a strategic partner, and hope that Tongji University will continue to play a leading role in the development of GUPES.

During the visit, Prof. Wu held talks with UN-HABITAT representatives to discuss the progress of the current Eco-town Guideline project and the African Water Report. Prof. Wu hoped that, on the basis of existing training programs for African mayors, all-round cooperation in scientific research, international cooperation and personnel exchange would be carried out. This year, Tongji University has seconded seven interns and one staff member to work in UN Environment and UN-Habitat.


In addition, on 26 September, Tongji University renewed a memorandum of cooperation with the Nairobi Water Company. Based on the first two phases of cooperation supported by China-Africa-UN Environment Programme, Tongji will continue to work to enhance the efficiency of drinking water supply and wastewater treatment in Nairobi, improve the capacity building in water resources management and provide water treatment technology in Kenya and East Africa.


On 27 September, Prof. Wu led the delegation to visit the Technical University of Mombasa, introduced and exchanged the experience in the field of environment and sustainability.

Prof. Liu Jianxiong, Chair of Council of the College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Prof. Li Fengting, Executive Deputy Dean of the UN Environment-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development (IESD), Vice Dean of the College of Environment Science and Engineering, Dr. Wang Ying, Dean Assistant of IESD, and Ms. Sun Jie, Deputy Director of the Office of IESD have attended the visit.