"GLOBAL VISION LECTURES: Global Development and Refugee Issues - How do young people participate in international organizations" Successfully Held
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On November 13ththe UNHCR Representative in China, Mr. Sivanka Dhanapala, invited by the United Nations Environment Program - Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development (IESD) , gave a lecture entitled “Global Development and Refugee Issues – How do young people participate in International Organizations” to the students in lecture hall 10th floor, the Zhonghe Building. Mr. Dhanapala gave a detailed introduction to the global refugee problem and described the UNHCR's goals, efforts and challenges. In the world today, the number of refugees keeps growing. UNHCR has made great efforts in the resolution of refugee problems. It has provided assistance to refugees, especially refugee children, women and asylum-seekers, and has sought the support of the governments of the world’s refugees.



Mr. Sivanka Dhanapala at the lecture

In the Q&A session, Chinese students and international students from the Environmental College and other colleges actively asked questions. Mr. Dhanapala answered questions revolved around how students should participate in refugee volunteering, how to make refugees safely return, and how to solve climate refugee problems and so on. He also expressed the wish of the United Nations to cooperate more with China and absorb more Chinese people to work in the United Nations, and provided suggestions for students to enter refugee agencies to work.

At the end of the lecture, Prof. Li Fengting, Executive Deputy Dean of the IESD and Vice Dean of the College of Environmental Science and Engineering of Tongji University, presented Mr. Dhanapala with a gift carefully prepared by IESD —— A wonderful picture of Mr. Dhanapala speech.


Prof. Li Fengting presented the picture to Mr. Dhanapala

The issue of refugees is becoming more and more prominent. In today’s globalized world, every citizen has an unshakable responsibility to resolve this serious challenge. China's peace and stability have given us more strength to participate in the work of international organizations, to help more people, and to make some efforts for peace and beauty in the world. The lecture provided a way for those who desire to enter the refugee community and enable those who do not understand the refugee problem to know more about it. Thank IESD and the UNHCR. Doing more for the world, Tongji university is in action.


After the lecture, Mr. Dhanapala conducted in-depth discussions with the participants.


The lecture