2019 Admission Season:Welcoming 66 Young Talents from 33 Countries
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In September66 talented individuals from 33 countries across 5 continents come together at the UN Environment-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development. They have come to Tongji’ s IESD programme from different cultural and educational backgrounds with the support of different kinds of scholarships categoriesMOFCOM, Chinese Government Scholarship, Shanghai Scholarship, Self-funded, etc.. Now they will join the 2019 International Degree Programmes in the discipline of Environmental Science and Engineering, which is the best Environmental degree programme in China, to begin their 2-year study journey.

First Class Meeting

                                                                                              First Class Meeting


Tongji University and UN Environmental Programmes have been in cooperation since 2002 and the UN Environment-Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development was jointly established in Shanghai. The Institute started Masters and Doctoral Degree Programmes in 2006. Since then there have been 525 students from 89 countries who have been studying in the programmes. The graduates of these programmes have gone on to work in different kinds of governmental departments at the national level, international organizations, and well-known companies, such as: the Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the French Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Natural Resources of Ukraine, the Ministry of Environment of Romania, UN Environmental Progammes, Volvo Group, and the Chinese Academy of Science. We believe that with the guidance of the Belt and Road Initiatie, and with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, China Scholarship of Council and United Nations Environment Programme, Tongji University will continue to cultivate more talented individuals from around the world and support those talents in making contributions in their respective fields. In addition, we hope to continue promoting and strengthening the communication and cooperation between China and other countries via the educational exchange here at Tongji University.

Maggie Shen was talking

                                                                                 Maggie Shen is talking


On 6thSep afternoonIESD held our first class meeting, and everyone made an introduction pleasantly, introducing why they chose China and IESD, expressing their expectations for future study and life. So, we believe with the help of IESD family that all of them will enjoy their study journey and both of them will possess a bright future.