Announcement for 2011 World Student Forum on Environment and Sustainability
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2011 World Student Forum on Environment and Sustainability will be held in Tongji University, Shanghai on June 5-8, 2011.


The registration on line will be available on Feb. 18th.


Environment and sustainability have become the major challenges that the world has been facing since 1960’s. It is very important to engage young generations from different nations to work together, tackling critical environmental issues and creating new solutions. The initiative of the Student Forum aims at providing an open platform for young students, who are the future managers, policy makers, scientists and actionists, to discuss the recent hot topics, the latest technologies and creative ideas on environment and sustainable development. The student participants with varied backgrounds will come from well-known universities all over the world. By intensive brainstorming, mobile classroom and product exhibition, the forum is designed to boost their engagement into environment protection, deepen their understanding of social responsibility, and trigger new concepts and practice in sustainable development. The 4-day forum will combine keynote speeches, field visits, parallel group workshops and poster display. The venue will be Tongji University, Shanghai. The program will include presentations, lectures, organized and structured fields visits in and around Shanghai, a concluding conference where the results of work done by mixed thematic groups will be presented and discussed and awards on poster design, innovative idea and group performance.


The forum will feature prioritized themes on environment and sustainability which are important both in the Chinese context and in the rest of the world, such as climate change, water, renewable energy, urban ecology, green transportation and inter-cultural sustainability. In the course of the forum, the participants will explore joint perspectives and formulate findings and recommendations on these topics.


The student forum is directed towards undergraduates, graduates and a small number of high school students from selected universities including the members of the Global University Partnership on Environment and Sustainability(GUPES), Asia & Pacific Regional University Consortium(RUC), the Mainstreaming of Environment and Sustainability in African Universities (MESA)and other universities over the world (around 300-450 persons). Some experts will be invited to give speeches, presentations and group workshop moderators. Dr. Achim Steiner, Undersecretary General of UN and Executive Director of UNEP is also invited to provide a keynote speech.


We are very eager for your participation in this event. The insight that you can bring to the forum will add great value to its success. We will provide local accommodations to all participants. To apply, please go through the brochure for the forum and the registration on line will be available from Feb.18th.Registration fee will be waived for those who apply before April 15, 2011.

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 2011 World Student Forum - Shanghai - June 5-8