UNEP/GPA-UNESCO-IHE Training Course on Improving Wastewater Management in Coastal Cities
  Time:2006-07-10  Hits:4328
During July 10 to 14, UNEP/GPA-UNESCO-IHE Training Program on Improving Wastewater Management in Coastal Cities was held at IESD. During the opening ceremony of the training course, Prof. Li Fengting gave a report and Prof. Yang Haizhen presented an overall lecture. The related courses were taught by Prof. Yang Haizhen, Prof. Yang Dianhai and Dr. Wang Leina of Tongji University. The courses included conventional methods and substitute techniques for municipal wastewater treatment, analysis on wastewater problems in coastal cities/areas, analysis on the aim of wastewater project management in coastal cities/areas, stakeholder analysis & discussion for municipal wastewater management project, financial scheme and innovation of municipal wastewater treatment. There were thirty four participants who came to IESD including governors, professors, managers, engineers, etc. This training course has achieved satisfactory effect. The trainees have comprehended the latest technologies of wastewater treatment and learnt about theory and thinking method on environmental protection.

Prof. Yang Haizhen and Dr. Wang Leina served as trainers to another UNEP/GPA-UNESCO-IHE Training Program at Xiamen in October.

These two training programs served as preparations for the Intergovernmental, Ministerial level forum in Beijing.