Bayer and Tongji University Cooperated on Environment for Sustainable Development
  Time:2006-03-28  Hits:5906

Today Bayer and Tongji University subscribed the Cooperation-Memorandum at Bayer’s headquarters in Leverkusen, to promote the studies and education on environment for sustainable developments of the Asian-Pacific region including China. Many celebrities attended the signature ceremony, involving Professor Wan,Gang, President of Tongji University, Doctor Winning, President of Bayer, Professor Toepfer, Deputy Secretary-general of UN and Director of UNEP, Doctor Oles and Dr. Springer, Bayer Directorate.

On the ceremony, Doctor Winning concluded the common achievements that Bayer and UNEP had made in the past two years. Meanwhile, Professor Toepfer introduced the influences on the world made by ECO MINDS, environmental envoy and other Bayer activities. Moreover, he introduced the common actions taken by Bayer and UNEP, which led the young men to assume the duty in the light of sustainable-development concept.

“There is a Chinese saying that people will understand their life only when they look back to the history, however, life itself goes ahead all the time. We should offer ourselves safe and reliable knowledge of life so that we can do our best to build our environment reasonably, responsibly and providently. Customarily, we always acquire the knowledge from our experience and world view and the right knowledge is the main source of scientific knowledge,” Doctor Oles said. Those words put forward the concept of sustainable development. As a leader in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, Bayer has contributed a lot to environment protection as well as created economic wonders from time to time. The funds, as every year Bayer donates to environment education and sustainable development, amounts to 5000 euros. As Chairman of “Green Path”, Chengyu Qian, the student of the College of Environmental Science and Engineering, won the title of environmental envoy.         

President Wan, Gang introduced Tongji’s education and studies on sustainable development. As the pioneer of sustainable development, Tongji University and UNEP signed the Cooperation-Memorandum in May 2002 and established UNEP Tongji Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development (IESD). In the past three years, IESD held Asia-Pacific Leadership Programme on Environment for Sustainable Development and Programme on Water Resources for Sustainable Development every year. Since 2006,IESD has enrolled masters in environment for sustainable development.

Bayer will set up the funds for IESD to subsidize masters to study environment for sustainable development. Bayer will donate 200,000 dollars each year for 5 years.

Bayer will hold “Bayer’s Day” on April 4th this year.

There was a press conference after the signature ceremony, which held more than 200 people.
Doctor Plischke, the member of Bayer directorate, Doctor Dahmer, General Manager of Bayer in Greater China and Professor Li, Fengting, Deputy Dean of IESD, also attended the ceremony.