Opening of Leadership Programme on Environment for Sustainable Development
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On April 12, 2006, the 1st “Tongji-HSBC Leadership Programme on Environment for Sustainable Development” opened ceremoniously. President of Tongji University, Professor Wan, Gang and President of HSBC China, Mr. Richardyorke presented at the opening and delivered a salutatory. Maurice F. Strong, President of the Council of the United Nations University for Peace, former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations,the first Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme  and Qu, Geping, Director of the council for China Environmental Protection Foundation, all made topic speeches. Professor Xu, Zuxin, Director General of Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau, also presented in the opening and address a speech. 25 persons from 9 provinces, related departments of provincial and municipal governments, enterprise representatives, media, non-government organizations and guilds participate in this programme.

The programme’s topic is “Urban Environmental Management and Sustainable Development” and lasted for three days. The training includes school teaching mainly of case studies, group discussion and survey on the spot. The content is mostly focused on global environmental situation analysis, sustainable development and public consciousness.

Before the opening, President Wan, Gang, on behalf of Tongji University awarded Mr. Maurice F. Strong the title of Honor Professor of Tongji University.

“Tongji-HSBC Leadership Programme on Environment for Sustainable Development” is held jointly by UNEP-Tongji Institute of environment for Sustainable Development and HSBC. This programme is held twice a year. Each time, renowned experts on environmental issues from home and abroad as well as professors and scholars from Tongji University are invited to give classes. Moreover, international renowned experts and scholars on environmental protection give topic speeches. This programme which has gained support from UNEP, related Chinese government and enterprises is a high level symposium on sustainable development. Through reference to the advanced overseas experience, this programme summarizes experience and fruits of Tongji University and HSBC in the areas of scientific research and finance, introduces latest conception and practice home and abroad to Chinese potential leaders in sustainable development and discusses the balance between environment and sustainable development, so that to promote potential leaders’ decision-making ability.

Cooperated with UNEP, UNEP-Tongji Institute of environment for Sustainable Development has successfully run The first and second Asia-Pacific Leadership Programme on Environment for Sustainable Development in July, 2004 and September, 2005.  In March, 2006, HSBC signed the cooperation agreement with Tongji University to jointly bid the “Tongji-HSBC Leadership Programme on Environment for Sustainable Development”, which aims to support China’s environmental protection cause, promote the enthusiasm of environmental protection from all walks of society, enhance public sense, strengthen and develop the urban living environment, and further improve city management, so that to promote sustainable development in cities radically.