7 post-graduate students of our school will attend the summer school programme held in German
  Time:2006-06-28  Hits:4246
The summer school programme cooperatively organized by Tongji University and Juelich Center German will be held during Aug 14th -25th  2006  at Juelich Center in German. IESD has selected 7 post-graduate students to attend this programme.

This programme will including a serious of courses focus on water pollution control and environment management as well as a visit to world famous Juelich lab center. The participants comes from China, German and the Africa. 7 post-graduate students selected by IESD will go to German under the guide of Prof. Fengting Li also comes from IESD. They are Tao Lin, Yongqian Cheng, Ziyang Lou, Yu Song, Liu Shao, Na An, and Haifeng Wang. Meanwhile, other Chinese students including Shaoping Hu from Zhejiang University, Lijuan Jiang from Nanjing University, Zhe Li from Chongqing University, Xiaoqi Ye from West-south University and Ali form East China Normal Technology University will attend this programme as well.