City is the future-Sustainable Materials for Future Urban Prototype Design
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An exciting opportunity for Chinas sustainable urbanization and high-quality growth lies in innovation and creativity of our young generation professionals, and the collaboration between industries and academics is urgently needed to realize the vision. To inspire and garner creative capabilities in various disciplines, we organize a student competition: CITY IS THE FUTURE – SMART MATERIALS FOR FUTURE URBAN PROTOTYPE DESIGN. Our goal is to bridge industry knowledge and young talents, allowing students to work together with practitioners to propose prototype designs for the next-generation smart communities in China including areas of future transportation, renewable energy, smart buildings, water infrastructure, creative products for future urban life, urban farming…etc.. Students who participate in the competition will have great opportunities to learn most advanced concepts about cutting-edge model of smart cities and win the prize! 


The winning team receives 10,000, the second place team receives 5,000, and the third place team receives 3,000. 


The competition engages multidisciplinary student teams to devise system solutions for creating smart sustainable cities, making the most use of smart materials and productsNot limited to Covestros products. The student teams then integrate these solutions to deliver a comprehensive development program for a prototype design within a neighborhood scale site to address urban system issues such as future transportation, renewable energy, smart buildings, water infrastructure, creative products for future urban life, urban farming…etc.

A communication platform will be established for all student teams to communicate and learn about these concepts.


Teams of three to seven students from Tongji University from at least three disciplines. 

All team members should be at least Junior Students. Participants of the competition can be affiliated with College of Architecture and Urban Planning, College of Civil Engineering, College of Design and Innovation, School of Economics and Management, School of Software Engineering, College of Electronics and Information Engineering, College of Environmental Science and Engineering, College of Material Science and Engineering, College of Mechanical Engineering, College of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, and College of Automotive Engineering.  

All teams are required to participate in 2016 Tonji- Covestro Sustainable Forum on December 14, and the winner will be announced during the Forum.


Perry Yang  Tongji - Covestro Chair 


November 15, 2016 - December 14, 2016


Stage 1: 2016.11.25

1.      Name and contact information , Degree program information, A one-page résumé 

2.      A Preliminary work proposal (2 pages, A4, font size: 12)

Stage 2: 2016.12.12

1. One file containing at least one A1-sized layout (594mm x 841mm) in landscape format, 

including (but not limited to) the following: 

a.      Block Plan/ Building Plans; 

b.      Minimum one cross-section and or elevations; 

c.      Diagram/ Sketches highlighting the design ideas and features; 

d.      Photomontages, Perspectives, and or other illustrations that can illustrate the ideas and design concepts;  

2.       Design Statement of 500 words minimum (font size: 12) in .doc format to explain the overall proposal, with proposal title to demonstrate the teams vision and design of smart sustainable city.  

Stage 3: 2016.12.30 

1.      Join the Covestro sustainable development workshop and  discuss with experts from multiple disciplines, to engage the feedback and comments from stakeholders and reflect their suggestions in the STAGE 2 work.

2.      Final report. Elaboration, Summary and conclusion for each stage and the final achievement.(5~20 pages, A4, font size: 12 


1.      All teams will give a presentation of their design on 2016 Covestro-Tongji Forum. 

2.      The  final  result will be evaluated by  Stage 2 and Stage 3 work.

3.      The winning team will be announced by the jury on mid January, 2016 

Evaluation Criteria

                Make use of smart material & products(not limited to covestro product);

                Systems thinking;



                Addressing pressing urban issues in China;

                Interdisciplinary Collaboration (3+) 

How to Apply 

Teams are required to submit the following information in PDF format via email to Covestro competition + name.

1.      Name and contact information , Degree program information, A one-page résumé 

2.      A Preliminary work proposal (2 pages, A4, font size: 12)

Deadline for application: 2016.11.25,  6:00 pm


                 All teams need to be formed and confirmed by the end of the introduction event (November 14, 2016

                Site information will be provided in Introduction Session

              If no team are deemed qualified, the award will not be applicable.

For More Information 

Please contact

Or follow WeChat Official Account: 生态城市实验室 Sino-US Eco Urban Lab

Important Milestones:

                October 28, 2016Applications Open:

                November 14, 20161st Information SessionVenue: IESD 902

                November 18, 20162nd Information Session Venue: IESD 902

                 Introduction and Q&A of the Competition: Meeting the experts in the Information session! Teams are able to learn critical concepts of Smart Sustainable City, Smart Materials, Competition rules, and ask all the questions you have. Group registration (3-7 persons) and Confirmation will be completed by the end of the session. 

                November 25, 2016Stage 1 sign up and proposal Submission Deadline

                December 12, 2016Stage 2 Submission Deadline

 DELIVERABLES reviewed by juries. 

                December 14, 2016Presentation and Workshop

Forum and workshop, Voting. Detailed agenda will be distributed by the end of November

                December 30, 2016Stage 3  Final Report Submission Deadline

 DELIVERABLES reviewed by juries.