2017 MAB YOUTH FORUM committed to sustainable development
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The Forum is conceived as an event that will provide young people with a unique opportunity to meet, debate and share their vision and commitment to sustainable development. It aims to become a place where strategies and action proposals can be discussed and implemented in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The Forum is fully aligned with UNESCO's Operational Strategy on Youth.  Po Delta Biosphere Reserve, Italy. 18‐23 September 2017


Young women and men are a priority group of the Organization's actions, engaging them not only as beneficiaries of actions, but also as fully-fledged actors and partners. Their civic involvement, participation in democratic life and social innovation are among the main fields of focus of UNESCO’s work in the framework of the Strategy. Strengthening their participation in MAB networks and their involvement in the management of Biosphere Reserves aims to ensure they become agents of change and promoters of a more equitable and sustainable society.


A large-scale, online consultation will shortly be implemented among youth stakeholders of the MAB, which will provide an opportunity to define their expectations and the issues which will be debated during the Forum. At the moment, 3 thematic areas around which to develop the preparation and implementation of the Forum have been identified:

1. The contribution of young people to the life of Biosphere Reserves

2. Research and studies into the sustainable development of Biosphere Reserves

3. A sustainable future for the youth of Biosphere Reserves

The Forum is addressed to youth aged between 18 and 35, who live or work in Biosphere Reserves, or who study or conduct research in these areas. The participants will be nominated by their respective biosphere reserve managers / coordinators, and supported by their MAB National Committees.

More informations please refer to http://www.unesco.org/new/en/venice/natural-sciences/environment-sustainable-development/2017-mab-youth-forum/