Honorary Chairman of the Board:
Mr. Achim Steiner Under-Secretary-General of United Nations UNEP Executive Director Honorary Professor of Tongji University
Prof. WAN Gang Vice Chairman of the 12th CPPCC National Committee Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology of China
Chairman of the Board:
Mr. WANG Guangtao Former Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Chairman of Environment and Resource Protection Committee of 11th National People’s Congress of China
Board members:
Mr. WU Xiaoqing Vice Minister of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China
Mr. ZHENG Guoguang Administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA)
Mr. MENG Wei President of Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Science
Mr. XU Jianmin Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Director of National Satellite Meteorological Center
Mr.Kaveh Zahedi Regional Director and Representative for Asia and Pacific, United Nations Environment Programme
Mr ZHOU Zongmin Director of Foreign Affairs Bureau of Xinhua News Agency
Ms Celina Chew President of Bayer Greater China Group Chairman of Bayer (China) Limited
Prof. WU Qidi Member of Standing Committee of the 11th National People's Congress Member of Education, Science, Culture and Health Committee of NPC
Ms. ZHAO Jiarong Deputy Secretary General of National Development and Reform Commission
Prof. PEI Gang President of Tongji University
Prof. WU Jiang Vice President of Tongji University Dean of UNEP-Tongji IESD
Prof. DAI Xiaohu Dean of College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji University
Prof. LI Fengting Vice Dean of UNEP-Tongji IESD Vice Dean of College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji University