Mr. XU Jianmin
Director of China's National Satellite Meteorological Center Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Prof. XU Jianmin is the Satellite Meteorology Expert at China's National Satellite Meteorological Center. He was born in 1944 in Shanghai, and graduated in 1965 from Nanjing Institute of Meteorology. In 1986, he became the Director and the Chief Engineer of the National Satellite Meteorological Center.

From 1970-1986, Prof. XU worked at the National Meteorological Center, where he put forward and organized the implementation of a “real-time weather database”.  At the time of the 1987 Da Xing An Ling Forest Fire, Prof. XU provided an effective monitoring service, which was commended by the State Department. During the flood disaster of 1999. Prof. XU's monitoring service provided accurate hydrological information for the State Council and the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Later, he put forward a mathematical model for meteorological satellite imaging placement, to enhance the image pixel-level positioning accuracy and enhance satellite effectiveness. During research for the Satellite Cloud Wind Guide Product, Prof. XU proposed a fast algorithm and a new algorithm for modeling cloud height.  The International Conference on Cloud Winds highly praised this achievement, and the algorithm has been used internationally. In 1997, Prof. XU was elected as a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.