Mr. MENG Wei
        Vice Chairman of Environment and Resource Protection Committee Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering President of Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Science (2001-2016)

Graduate from Ocean University of China in Environmental Science

Main Research Area: Watershed and Estuary coastal zone environment.

Main Projects:

1. Research on remediation technology of typical coastal habitats of Bohai (863 project), project leader.

2. Estuary-coastal environmental pollution control measures and trend forecasts of ecosystem variability (973 projects), project leader.

3. Research on measures and crucial support technology for major environmental problem (Chinese National Programs for Science and Technology Development), program leader.

4. Total quantity control for river water pollutants (The 10th Five Years Key Programs for Science and Technology Development of China), program leader.

5. Research on pollution prevention and control measures for Yangtze River estuary and adjacent sea (Key Programs of State Environmental Protection Administration), program leader.

6. Eco-environment assessment and typical demonstration area study (Chinese National Programs for Science and Technology Development), program leader.

7. Shenzhen Ecological City Construction Planning Study (Key Program of Shenzhen Municipal Government), program leader. 

8. Research on eco-environmental impact assessment and measures for Songhua River Pollution Incident (Major special projects of department), project leader.

9. Integrated database and monitoring information network of China’s ecological environment (Projects of Basic research fund of Ministry of Science and Technology), project leader.