FANG Ping   


Education & Study

1996PhD in soil scienceChina Agricultural University);1996.9-1997.1Research visiting at Padova University, Italy; 1997.2-2000.7, family dependent at Stanford University in USA, study and work in USA company; 2000.8-present, Work at Tongji University, college of environmental science and engineering (2006.4-2006.10, senior research visiting at Juelich institute, Germany)

Research areas

Plant-microbial remediation of contaminated soil and water; environmental ecology; molecular

ecology of microbial and ecological engineering


1. Ping Fang; Wenliang Wu; Qin Xu; Jiahai He; Cunru Han; M. G. PaolettiAssessing Bioindication with Earthworms in An Intensively Farmed Rural Landscape Yuanqiao and Daqiao Village in Qianjiang Municipality located in Hubei Province Subtropical China. CRC Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences, 18(3)429-455, 1999 SCI

2. R. Zhang, Y. Yang, P. Fang, C. Jiang,  L. Xu, Y. Zhu, M. Shen, H. Xia, J. Zhao, T. Chen, Z Qin,  Diversity of Telomere Palindromic Sequences and Replication Genes among Streptomyces Linear Plasmids, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 729):57285733, 2006 SCI

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4Ran Zhang, Ana Zeng, Ping Fang, Zhongjun Qin, Characterization of Replication and Conjugation of Streptomyces Circular Plasmids pFP1 and pFP11 and Their Ability To Propagate in Linear Mode with Articially Attached Telomeres, Applied and Environmental Microbiology,  74 (11) : 3368–3376, 2008 SCI

5. GenBank  (DQ267826;  AY943951;  AY943952;  AY943953;  AY907887)