Li Lei  


Room 1504, Building 3, 528 Mingyun Road, Shanghai, 200092, China





l   2010.12-2011.8 Joint Ph.D student in Division of Environmental Energy Technologies, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory;

l   2009.11-2012.3 Joint Ph.D student in Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley;

l   2006.9-2012.3 Ph.D in Water Supply and Drainage Engineering (Municipal Engineering),College of Environmental Science an d Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China; Supervisor: Naiyun Gao

l   2002-2006 Major in Water Supply and Drainage Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China;

l   2004-2006 Minor in Computer Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan, China.



l   CET(China Collage English text) band 6; 2004; Sound written and oral communication skills;

l   During the 28 months study in U.S., I systematically studied the core courses in water treatment area, such as Environmental Physical-Chemical Processes, Water Chemistry, Corrosion, and Environmental Engineering. I am familiar with the water treatment theories, cutting-edge technologies, and the teaching skills in top universities. In addition, I am good at communication and interaction with international students.



l   2008,Outstanding Ph.D student scholarship, Tongji University;

l   2007,Second-class prize in the National Mathematical Contest in Modeling forpost graduate students ;

l   2006, Outstanding College Graduates citation awarded by China Civil Engineering Society,25 students for all over China;

l   2004, First-class prize in the National Mathematical Contest in Modeling, for ranking 172 out of 5304.



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l   Lei Li, Susan Addy et al.Electro Chemistry Removal of Arsenic in Synthetic Ground WaterEnvironmental Science Technology (under review); SCI

l   Lei Li, Naiyun Gao, et al. “Characterization of intracellular & extracellular algae organic matters (AOM) of Microcystic Aeruginosa and formation of AOM-associated disinfection byproducts and odor & taste compoundsWater Research 2012, 46(3):1233-1240; SCI

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l   2012-2013, “Mechanism study of the electro-coagulation process on arsenic oxidation and adsorption in ground water”, Research and Development State Key Laboratory of Pollution Control and Resource Reuse Foundation (PCRRY12002), project leader;

l   2009-2011, "Electro-chemistry arsenic remediation(ECAR) of the polluted ground water in developing country", US;

l   2007-2009, "Elimination of blue algae and toxin by enhanced coagulation, activated carbon absorption and advanced oxidation", Supported by National 11th Five-Year Plan Program (No.2008ZX07421-004) , China;

l   2008, "Test of hollow fiber membrane on drinking water treatment in Wuxi (pilot test)",Asahi Kasei;

l   2007-2008, "Removal of organic material by ozone-activated carbon process in a drinking water treatment plant (a full scale test)". Supported by High Technology Research and Development (863) Program (No.2002AA601130), China.

l   2006-2007, "Degradation of EDCs-BPA by Combination of UV/H2O2 /Micro-Aeration Process". Supported by Basic Science Research Program (No.05JC14059), China.



l   2010-2011, Vice president of Chinese scholar association at UC Berkeley;

l   2009, Participant in the third “Sino-German-African summer school on sustainable use of natural resources: the advanced water treatment”;

l   2007, Volunteer services for World Summer Special Olympic games ;

l   2007, Volunteer services for Asia-Pacific Young Leaders Program on Environment for Sustainable Development.