ZHOU Qi   

Prof. Zhou Qi, the dean of College of Environmental Science and Technology in Tongji University and vice director of National Key Lab. of Pollution Control and Resource Reuse, He has more than 20 years’ research experience in water pollution control and ecological rehabilitation and has charged more than ten key state level projects and published more than 100 research papers in the international academic periodicals. Prof. Zhou Qi’s research interests are mainly in innovative water and wastewater treatment processes, such as domestic wastewater treatment, hybrid biological reactor, wetland and physicochemical processes for industrial wastewater treatment.

Ph. D / Professor

Dean of School of Environmental Science and Engineering

Vice Director of National Key Lab. of Pollution Control and Resource Reuse

Director of Ministry of Education Key Lab. of Water Environment in Yangtze River


1.   1988, “Research on Beer Wastewater Treatment by UASB Reactor”. The first-class reward of best dissertation by OCEESA

2.   1994, “Anaerobic-aerobic Integral Reactor for Wastewater Treatment”. The second-class Reward by China Green Science

3.   1996, “Wastewater Cleaner Typed AOS”. The second-class reward of Excellent Invention by Shanghai government, 1995; the gold reward of patent invention

4.   1995, “Research on Anaerobic-aerobic Integral Technology for Domestic Sewage Treatment”. The third-class of Scientific Progress Reward by Shanghai City

5.   1995, “Mechanism of microbe adhesion and granulation”. The second-class of Scientific Progress Reward by State Education Committee

6.   2002, “Biological Technology and Key Equipment for Hard-degradation Organic Industry Wastewater Treatment”. The first-class award of Scientific Progress Reward by Beijing City

7.   2007, “Control of Area-Pollution of Dianchi”. The first-class award of Scientific Progress Award by Ministry of Education of the P.R.C.