The education in IESD is on an international scale, and it is designed to fully enhance the students' international perspectives and competitiveness. Since its inception, IESD provide students with various forms of international exchange and internship, including international conferences in environmental field, and organized internships in UNEP and other institutions.

IESD provides students with abundant exchange opportunities to abroad universities, including Dauphin University, Portland State University, Venice International University, INSA Toulouse, Kyushu University and University of Illinoisat Urbana-Champaign.IESD provided opportunity to students for their cultural exchange and academic study. Such as 2014 Europe Exchange program and 2014 summer school in Kyushu University.

IESD also provides various internship opportunities for students in a number of international organizations. Céline S, from Class 2010, spent 3 months in Nairobi, Kenya for an internship with UNEP. Ismael Abedin Ingelmo, from Class 2011, spent 4 months in Myanmar Office, United Nations Human Settlements Programme. Also Wang Zhexin, from Class 2009, spent 4 months in Bangkok (Thailand), Asia Pacific Office of United Nations Environment Programme.

IESD sent students to participate in numbers of international conferences, such as "2012 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability", " COP18/CMP8", "First Assemblies of the 27th Session of Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum (GC/GMEF) " and "2013 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability " .