List of 2008/2009 Projects
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Project A

Title: Sustainable Assessment Indicators Study of Pioneering Enterprise in Sustainable Development

Researcher: Prof. Li Fengting (IESD); Dr. Song Yajie (Yale University); Prof. Mario T. Tabucanon (Asian Institute of Technology)

Project B

Title: Biohydrogen Production from Cassava Wastewater

Researcher: Dr. Niu Dongjie (IESD); Dr. Wang Ying-yuan (Nanyang Technological University)

Project C

Title: Eco-City Management and Demonstration of Suzhou

Researcher: Prof. Dahe JIANG (IESD); Prof. Lex Brown (Griffith University); Prof. Deo Prasad (University of New South Wales)

Project D

Title: Study on Establishment of Emergency Response Management System for Water Pollution Accidents in China

Researcher: Dr. Xu Ran and Zhang Bingru (IESD); Prof. Lex Brown (Griffith University); Prof. Suvanappan Kumar(Asian Institute of Technology)