List of 2009/2010 Projects
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Project A

Title: Climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies toward sustainable development in Yangtze River Delta cities: Shanghai’s 2050 scenario analysis and urban development mode toward low-carbon city

Researcher: Prof. LI Fengting, Dr. GUO Ru; Prof. JIANG Dahe,

Project B

Title: Life cycle sustainability assessment of modular building components

Researcher: Dr.LOU Yongqi

Project C

Title: Cassava ethanol waste water treatment ------Phase 2: Simultaneous nitrogen and carbon removal in a single reactor

Researcher: Associ. Prof. XIE Li

Project D

Title: Water footprint and its relationship with energy footprint in Shanghai

Researcher: Prof. ZHOU Qi, Dr. WANG Hongtao

Project E

Title: An assessment of the access to environmental information among the university students in China

Researcher: Dr Mokbul Morshed Ahmad, RRDP (AIT)

Project F

Title: Remoaval of Chromium() from Drinking Water with Zero Valent Iron Modified Filter

Researcher: Prof. ZHAO Jianfu, Dr. WANG Xuejiang