List of 2011/2012 Projects
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Project A

Title: Translating, editing and publishing UNEP’s Green Economy Report (GER)

Researcher: Prof. Wu Jiang, Prof. Li Fengting, Dr. Zhang Jiang, Prof. Chen Xiaohong, Prof. Chen Xinjun, Prof. Gu Xianglin, Prof.  He Pinjing, Prof. Lu Xinsheng, Prof. Qiu Huafei,Prof. Tan Hongwe

Project B

Title: Strategic Research on African Water Resources Protection

Researcher: Prof. Li Fengting, Dr. Wang Hongtao

Project C

Title: Low carbon development of Chongming Island

Researcher: Associ. Prof. Guo Ru, Prof. Li Fengting, Dr. Zhang Jing

Project D

Title: Formulation of Global Universities Partnership on Environment and Sustainability (GUPES) Guideline to Sustainable University

Researcher: Prof. Lv Peiming, Prof. Li Fengting,