Created in 1968, the "Dauphine University Centre" was recognised as a fully-fledged university two years later. Since its creation, Paris-Dauphine University has enjoyed considerable autonomy in terms of scientific and teaching innovations, and in the process has developed creating the strong identity which today unites its teachers, researchers, administrative staff and students.

Master’s degree in Sustainable Development and Organizations

Program aims
This Master’s degree was created in 2003. Its objective is to train professionals in the analysis of Sustainable Development policies. The program is based on solid partnerships with various industrial groups, banks, NGOs, specialized law firms, rating agencies and
consulting groups.

It mobilizes the capacities to:
Formulate recommendations
Participate in the creation and the analysis of Sustainable Development policy
Assess the different tools used to ratify actions undertaken


1.Environmental Economy
3.Industry and Innovation
4.French Language
5.Societies,Environment & Organizations
6.Corporate Social Responsibility
9.Regulation,Law & Societies
10.Management of Sustainable Development
11.Lectures about Economy(weekly)
 The exchange program last one semester and the credits are mutually acknowledged by two universities.
 Master SD - Dauphine - Courses description 2011-2012