Sino-DPRK workshop on Educational Resources for water and waster treatment and reuse technology will be held by IESD from Oct.19 to Oct.28. 14 people including officials from  DPRK Ministry of Education and professors, researchers from Kim Il Sung University and Pyongyang University of Construction and Building Materials will attend this workshop.

During the workshop, Prof. Fengting LI, Prof. Dahe JIANG, Prof. Yongmei LI, Prof. Cunkuan BAO, Vice Prof. Dongjie NIU, Vice Prof. Yanling QIU, Vice Prof. Yayi WANG, Dr. Zhiwei WANG, Dr. Hongtao WANG will introduce the related technology about climate change and air pollution control, municipal wastewater and drinking water treatment, environmental impact assessment, solid waste treatment and disposal, environment monitoring, constructed wetland for pollution control and so on. The current wastewater and solid waste treatment method will be discussed as well.
At the same time, all the workshop participants will have a field trip around Municipal Waste Transfer Station.