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Theme: Air pollution
  Time:2013-03-01  Hits:6129

The theme of 2019 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability is air pollution. 


The relationship between human beings and nature has remained a heated subject among the theorists. This relationship is built on the basis of practice, in which the two connect, affect and restrain each other. Without nature, people will lose the means of livelihood. And it will be impossible for them to transfer materials, energy and information with the natural world. However, the existence of destructive behavior makes the mankind culprit of environmental damage such as landscape destruction, species extinction,environmental degradation and so on.


Air pollution has a variety of contributors from stationary sources, like factories and power plants, to natural sources, like forest fires and dust storms. Air pollution has been shown to have a direct link with health.  Those living in areas with high levels of air pollutants have a 20% higher risk of death from lung cancer. It can also cause respiratory inflammation, asthma, and ear infections.


The International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability 2019 calls for actions of the global youth to combat air pollution.