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Group 1: Education for Sustainable Development
  Time:2013-03-01  Hits:5826

Education is the major driving force for sustainable development innovation and the capacity to transfer social ideal into reality. Education for sustainable development is the process of learning how to make decisions considering economic, ecological and social equality.


Last year during the 2014 ISCES, Prof. Pei Gang, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences shared Tongji’s experience in building a sustainability-oriented university. A “sustainability-oriented university”is built for the sustainable development of students and society. In other words, we aim to cultivate students with the awareness and ability of sustainability as well as a strong sense of responsibility.



“The United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014) (DESD)”, an epochmaking document in the education of sustainability over the past 10 years, plays an important role in the making of The Global Action Programme (GPA, on ESD). Tongji University, Xinhua News Agency and UN relevant departments will jointly hold a sub-forum entitled ”Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)” in order to share successful experience in ESD, perfect the higher education system for the development of ESD and explore the innovative policies, plans and practices in ESD in higher education. Xinhua News Agency will conduct a comprehensive promotion of the forum through their platform in order to spread the concepts of ESD worldwide.