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Group 2: Eco-city
  Time:2013-03-01  Hits:4881

The idea of eco-city appears at the background of the increasingly serious ecological crisis in the globe. Maintaining ecological balance has been a common sense in the world. This directly brings about the concept of eco-city.


Eco-city, according to the ecological theories, focuses its research on the compound ecosystem of society-economy-nature. It utilizes the modern science and technology such as ecological, social and systematic engineering to achieve sustainability in society, economy and nature so that it can provide its people a satisfying residence with a high-efficient economy and ecology working in a virtuous circle.


Affected by the green trend, many regions, cities as well as the international community adopt green technology and develop green economy. They have reaped some achievements in cleaner production, ecological industry, agriculture and architecture. All of these have offered a solid economic and technological foundation for the appearance of the idea of eco-city. What’s more, it has made eco-city planning more realistic and viable.


At 2013 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability, we invited Ms. Fenglei who is from Beijing Construction Engineering Group to give us an introduction to an outlook for green architecture and low-carbon eco-city in China, and to discuss with us about the current situation of green city construction and about relevant technology and solutions. The concept of sustainable restoration provides a new way to improve environment quality and recycling. In 2014, we, along with many enterprises which are in the circles of environmental protection, architecture and management, discussed the new concept of building a green city. we talked about the urban construction, cleaner transportation and did some field visits in Shanghai. All of these granted us a deeper understanding about green development.


Currently, the globe is facing the great ecological problems related to resources and energy, which results from the high-speed urbanization. This constitutes the backdrop of aiming to build eco-cities. 2015 conference will invite many experts and scholars in this field to share the newest experience and practice on the subject of eco-city and healthy lifestyle, so as to discuss the best combination of the healthy city and natural rules.