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Group 3: Ecosystem and Wildlife
  Time:2014-04-09  Hits:3459

Although uncertainties exist on the prediction of climate change, it is widely accept that global climate change exists. The relationship between climate change and ecosystem is the mainstream topic of climate change studies. Human beings live in the ecosystem and enjoy the services provided by different ecosystems. At the same time, they also influence the stability of the ecosystem. The approaches in response to climate change, to reduce carbon emission, to promote energy transiton and develop renewable energy have become significant issues listed in the agenda of governments, research institutes and enterprises. 


In the 2013 ISCES made a report entitled “Is the global warming slowing down?—A cold 2012-2013 winter.”Also, a field trip to Degraded Xisha Wetland was organized to demonstrate the frontiers in the study of ecosystem and climate change. 


2015 International Students Conference on Environment and Sustainability will arouse the students’ awareness that air pollution is not only the daily smog or PM2.5, but a vicious change and an impact in the ecosystem and on people’s production and life activities.