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Prof.Zhihua ZHONG
Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering , President of Tongji University

Professor Dr. Zhong Zhihua was appointed as President of Tongji University
(Shanghai, China) in September 2016.
He was born in July 1962 in Hunan Province (China), got his PhD in Mechanical
Engineering from Linköping University (Sweden) in 1988, and was elected as
Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering in November 2005.
He started his career in July 1992, working in succession as Dean of School of
Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, Assistant President, Vice President of Hunan
University (China). He was President of Hunan University (China) from 2005 to 2010,
Director of Science and Technology Commission and President of Science and
Technology Association in Chongqiang Municipality from 2010 to 2014.
He has been General Secretary of Chinese Academy of Engineering since 2014.