Expo Milano 2015’s legacy will be mainly immaterial leaving human resources and contributing to capacity building. Even if Milano Event is still 5 years away, the plan envisaged for establishing  the Center for Sustainable Development is already in full gear and  the International Master Degree presented in Shanghai might become the first brick of a very ambitious project, starting in Shanghai and being repeated in Yeuso (EXPO 2012) and in Milano (EXPO 2015).


The International Master programme, a result of the cooperation of eight Italian distinguished universities and the Tongji University, is financially supported by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and by “Fondazione Lombardia per l’Ambiente”.

The teaching programme, open to ten Chinese and ten European graduates aims at giving participants full capacity to successfully tackle complex environmental problems and consequent policies, focusing on hard science, economics and social evaluation. The Degree’s professional profile is targeted to train experts in land planning, technology transfer, policy-making, environmental monitoring, able to operate in private and public sectors.


The Master programme will be spread over 4 semesters beginning in September 2010 an ending in June 2012; the first two semesters will take place at Tongji Campus, the third semester will be accompanied by a stage training in Italy, followed by the fourth semester in China.



Master degree “Environmental Assessment and Integrated management in Urban Areas”Course’s main topics

Attribute Course Name Credit
core Sustainable development & environmental assessment 8
core Climate change & costal areas 4
core Air quality 2
core Water management & quality 4
core Environmental economics 4
core Environmental Sociology 4
core Communication & education 4
C Solid waste & soil pollution 4
C Transport 2
T Noise pollution 2
T Energy technology 2
E Energy policy 2
E Land planning in large urban areas 4
C Urban ecology 4
T Integrated risk management 4
C City and agriculture: food supply, safety and security 2
E City environmental governance: new technologies, good practices, the city of the future 2