2014 IESD autumn schoola short-term academic exchange program to Italy, Spain and France achieved a big success. This program was jointly organized by Tongji University with Venice International University(VIU)University of BarcelonaUBand Toulouse National Institute of Applied SciencesINSA-Toulouse.The exchange group consisted of 15 students and lasted 22 days from 18th September to 9th October. This activity was held by centralized teaching lectures in combined with laboratory professional traininginteractive communication and field visiting trips. It is well worth mentioning that these three universities all particularly introduced their individual international master exchange programs that would be very useful for those students who have plans for further study abroad.

This successful autumn school would play a profound impact on the students who took participate in this exchange program that would be helpful to promote China’s environmental protection, which was the direction of struggle for all students majored in environmental professions.